Saturday, September 02, 2006

Can you tell a difference in this child?

Here is a picture taken on August 31, 2006, right before bed.

Below is a picture taken September 1, 2006, right after morning chores.
What is different?? (answer below)

My Fish is Five!!!


Tigpan said...

How is it already 5? How? What an adorable Joe Fish!

Cindy said...

He Can't be five! Oh, I noticed right away in the pics how grown up he is, his baby face is going and he is so tall. He reminded me of Mr. M when I first met you.

Oh, it goes fast, Karen, doesn't it? My son is on his way to 6 feet tall, but he still gets hugs, whether he wants them or not.

Isn't God good? :-)

Love ya-

K said...

God is good! He blesses me with so much, and the best of all, hugs from my sons!

On top of snuggles from my daughters...