Monday, August 07, 2006

We did it!

Saturday marked a day of celebration after many months, truly years of hard work and dedication.

The morning began with Fish testing with his Tiger Team and achieving his Cheetah patch! He did a great job and so did his fellow classmates.

The afternoon promised to be full of wonderful moments as my three older children, Foo, Bean, and Lem all tested and then participated in the Black Belt ceremony.

Foo became an official 2nd Degree black belt, Bean and Lem both passed their mid-terms with flying boards, I mean colors, and even my sister and I made the transition from white belts to orange, with our wonderful classmate, Misty! (you go girl!!)

I became extremely nervous about an hour before the testing. It came upon me very suddenly and I suppose it was because I really wasn't thinking about the fact that I was testing, rather I was consumed with making sure that the children all had their things together, uniforms pressed, and snacks in tow.

Once they headed up to the school to help get things started, I began to realize that I was testing and the nerves hit, HARD!

I didn't do as well as I had hoped on my form, but I did have a great time, especially watching all of the other students testing and breaking boards, sparring, etc.

Seeing our friend AW was a wonderful treat and a great source of support. Thanks for coming AW!!

I am so proud of my kids, my sister, my buddy Misty, and all of the great kiddos at the TKD school. It is so wonderful to have such a great sense of extended family.

Congratulations to all who tested. You make all of us so proud!

Since I can't seem to upload pictures tonight for some reason, check out MickeyMiss's blog!!


MC said...

High five! Oh, that was ten ...


Tigpan said...

You did fabulous! Just so you know my white belt testing, I had to do my form 2 times as well!! And then I had to quote John 3:16 and messed it up. I learned that verse when I was 3 for crying outloud! I was so proud of you, and honored to get to be there.