Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sad News

Nothing life threatening or earth shattering, but I now remember WHY we don't grow tomatoes here...

For the past several weeks, the kids and I have painstakingly watched over and cared for our 4 tomato plants only to produce ONE, I'll say it again, ONE stinkin' tomato.

It was a beautiful ONE, perfectly shaped, great size, and days from becoming ripe.

I have pondered in my mind how, once this lovely specimen was prime for harvesting, I would split it between seven of us. I thought to myself, self, take a picture of it with the kids, you know, for the blog update!

Well, the other day, shortly after noticing that the tomato was on target for harvesting according to our calendar dates, the tomato went missing! AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Some lowly critter has apparently been eyeballing our fruity attempts and took advantage of our inexperience in gardening swiping the relished reward before we could harvest it ourselves.

We have several disappointed folks around these parts, and inquiring minds as to why out of 4 plants we have only been able to grow one tomato.

On the other hand, the basil is doing well! I guess critters don't like basil...


MC said...

Okay, I'll come clean. The night was balmy, the neighborhood still. And, as I sat in your driveway, the alluring glow if a single, perfect, red tomato beckoned from a distance. I just couldn't resist. It was divine.

You have basil too??? Sweet.

Jennie C. said...

We grew three tiny tomatoes on one plant. The first one got brutalized, so we picked the other two and let them ripen on the window sill. They weren't great tomatoes, but they were ours!

Cindy said...

So sorry to hear about your tomaoto troubles! My dh is the tomato man around here. He has perfected the method over the years and usually comes in with a bumper crop.. but it is not easy. He says Texas is the hardest climiat the has ever grown tomatos in.... and he puts up netting to keep way the birds and critters!~ (in Ohio it was the badgers and rabbits)

I will get some tips from him if you want... (he has yet to put the fall garden in) but it will cost you... a phone call! :)

Jennifer said...

That's too bad. We always get lots of tomatoes every year here...I end up canning them and making spagetti sauce with them.

Now you can grow stuff like mangoes and cotton down there and I can' I guess we are even. I loved driving through the countryside when I was in "the valley" down there and looking at all the stuff growing.

Tigpan said...

Oh poor tomato, to have been denied the opportunity to be eaten by such a crew as the F-crew is so wrong. :(