Thursday, August 10, 2006

Recap of Celebratory Events

In spite of the previously mentioned virus making his way through my home at present, yesterday was a glorious day.

My first thought upon waking was mom. I heard her voice singing "Happy Birthday" to me. It was always her job to be the first to call and sing loud and off key this traditional song. Even when she felt her worst, she would call. Then the brothers started trying to beat her to the punch, and sometimes they would win, so they all started getting smarter about this impromptu competetion and would call me at o'dark-thirty. I got a bit smarter, remembering to turn the phones off before I would go to bed.

Well, yesterday, even though mom isn't here to call, I still heard her singing. I awoke, glanced at her smiling face which sits upon my dresser and instantly heard her singing and laughing.

After this, I dragged my older, however much wiser, behind down the stairs to beautiful childrens' voices saying, "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" (is there anything more wonderful than that??!!)

The phone began to ring. First my brother in Mass. His annual call. We joked about the fact that I never hear from him unless it's his annual birthday call. Then my eldest daughter Alicia showed up and brought these

She wrote a wonderful card which brought tears to my eyes. It would have brought tears to your eyes too, especially if you are a mom...

Not long after she arrived, my dear friend Mary and her daughter stopped by to deliver these

She told me they were her favorite colors. And they are beautiful!

Later in the afternoon, my brother, Kevin stopped by to wish me a Happy day and then asked me if I had received his text message. I had not turned on my cell phone, so I had to run and check it. Sure enough, at 12:00 am exactly, I was text messaged the "Happy Birthday" song... cute, sweet, but mom still wins... I actually heard her singing...

As the day gave way to runny noses, fevers, and sore throats, I was pretty sure the celebration would be quite muted as the children were not up to Red Robining or much more than chicken soup and bed. But they did not give in so quickly.

Fish was so precious as he delivered these

He was so proud that he picked them out himself and suggested that we place them next to our blessed Mother and the image of the Sacred Heart.

Then Foo presented me with these

Not only are they my most favorite flower, they are my favorite color!! Beautiful!

Finally, Lem offered her gift to me and my heart was singing because these were always mom's favorite

My wonderful husband, seen here doing what he loves to do

prepared a wonderful spaghetti dinner, complete with my favorite, GARLIC BREAD, (yummy!), birthday cake, and ice cream. And I abandoned my sugar fast and indulged completely!

His gift was over the top. A 19" flat screen monitor for the computer. Yes, folks, no more 13" screen for me! I can now sit more than 6" away from the screen to do my work and still see it! Thank you sweetie! My eyes really love you right now!

Boo's godmother stopped by on Tuesday and gave me a wonderful gift. I have never read "Jane Eyre", however, it is now adorning my bedside table waiting to be read. (I know, I know, how can it be that I have never read this??!!)

I had several other calls, emails and visits that were so much appreciated. Do I feel loved?? You bet! And my home looks so sweet with all of these beautiful flowers.

Thank you to all for the well wishes, prayers, and happy thoughts. They have been well received!

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MC said...

You know, the guest bedroom needs vacuuming - could you send your wonderful husband over?

We're SO hiding the vacuum cleaner in Florida!

I'm so glad your 1st birthday celebration of the week was so wonderful. All of those flowers are BEAUTIFUL!

...and on to your 2nd ... our next Sunday birthday cake. Ya gotta love it ;o)