Monday, August 21, 2006

Interesting start to the school year

We are already into our third week of school here and despite the evil forces that seem to try to cloud my success as a homeschooling mom, we are moving along nicely.

During the first week, every child in this house, all on the same day, came down with some horrible virus that left each of the children with fever, sore throat, and just a general feeling of yuck. DH and I were able to escape it somewhat, just a lousy bout with allergies.

Our second week, we geared up for making up a few things and moving right along. As I am making up my schedules week to week, it was no problem to just move over the things we were not able to accomplish on week one to week two. (note to self, the planning and preparing I sweated over the last two weeks of summer were worth the effort!)
Week two granted us with a broken wrist, yes, another one. If you are keeping score, that is two in 6 months. This one belongs to Lem and thankfully is a buckle fracture which can be splinted instead of casted and should heal within 4 weeks or so.

Week two also confirmed what we had been thinking about Foo. He needs to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. He is going to have surgery tomorrow, so please keep him in yours prayers. At 11, he is a bit too aware of what is going to happen...

Which brings us to Week 3. We are still catching up a bit here and there, Matthew will have to most to catch up with because of the surgery, but all in all, we are really enjoying the new focus around here. We all are congragating around the kitchen table, starting our day with Latin and Math, and then moving on to other studies throughout the day. We pause frequently to tend to the littler ones, and we capture moments like this

At times, I seem to lose my patience, but then I see images such as this and all is well again

Finally, when the days seem long, and the nights don't offer much rest, I can get pretty frustrated with myself. But once I see this precious smile sent from God, I can only offer thanksgiving that He has chosen me to be the mother of these wonderful children.


MC said...

He crawled??? Yay Brendan!

That picture of Lem and Fish at the computer is so wonderful.

K said...

No Crawling yet... just pretending!!