Thursday, August 03, 2006

I am coming out of my self-imposed blog restriction for a brief moment. I want to share with anyone who reads my blog my current music obsession.

Mainstay was discovered quite by circumstance by my daughter and FANTASTIC sister MC a few months ago.

At first, I really didn't "get" the music. They are a Christian band, yet the lyrics didn't really seem to promote Christianity in the way I have been accustomed to. Then my darling husband, (he has no blog, so I can't link to him... HINT) found the lyrics online with an explanation behind them.

Once I read the thoughts behind the words I was blown away. This is hard-core, in your face, accountability laden, Christian music.

It's been in my CD player for about 6 months now and has yet to come out. I doubt it will anytime soon, unless they cut another CD soon!

Check out their music. You won't be sorry!

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