Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Day, sort of!

Well, today was the day I celebrated the big 41... Older than dirt now, I suppose, but really good dirt, ya know...

Unfortunately, as much as the kiddos wanted to celebrate by relieving me of my "teacher" duties, I did not allow them that priviledge, until they started dropping like flies!

One by one each appeared with runny noses, sore throats, and finally fevers. Fun. Even the boo bear has a fever. He was kind enough to pose for this cute picture though!

School began Monday for us here at Holy Oak Catholic Home School. It is going well, despite the illnesses and threats of birthday celebrations.

I am planning to post our curriculum as soon as I can figure out how to post them as a link. I'll be calling in the Bean for help on that one.

For now, I must go, Boo is not happy and actually calling MAMAMAMAMA!!! He must NOT be feeling well!


Lillian said...


Sorry to hear your entire school is sick :-(

Hope they get better soon.

Tigpan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Congratulations on the start of school! Sorry bout all the sniffles though. :(

Karen E. said...

Happy birthday! Life has only just begun (said someone older than you ....) :-)

So sorry to hear about the illness ... hope it all passes quickly.

Essy said...

Happy Birthday oh young one (it'll be 43 for me next month). Blessings for the new school year...and prayers for a quick healing for everyone. We start pre-k here soon...could use some prayers too.

Cajun Cay said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Hope you had a good one. :)

Blair said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope the kids get well soon.
~Blair :)

Dirt Runner said...

Happy Birthday! But you are younger than dirt, dirt runner that is.

Jennie C. said...

Happy birthday, Karen! Hope you are all feeling better soon. And let your kids celebrate your birthday! They want to lavish as much love on you as you lavish on them and this is one of those perfect opportunities.

Barb, sfo said...

Happy birthday! I hope everyone is feeling better soon.
It's amazing how many people I know who were born on August 9. You're in good company :)

mira said...

Hippity Hoppity Happity! Congratulations to you on your birthday, I hope it is wonderful because I sure know you are.

Sorry about the icky sickies in your house, hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Hugs and Love,