Sunday, July 02, 2006

Week in Review

I haven't had the time I'd like to blog lately. My vocation as mother seems to be calling me into different directions right now.

We've had a pretty busy week, as we usually seem to do. Em is still attending KPI and should be finishing up by the end of July, I hope. She is reading at grade level now and spelling has improved greatly. We are focusing on the more complex codes and memory skills which will in turn help with math applications.

A has moved back into the home for a temporary stay. She will be finding her own apartment within the month. The roommate scene did not work very well for her. Adjusting to having an adult-child move back home has been interesting. For her, having to answer to a curfew, house rules that are not hers, sharing space with siblings, etc., for us, realizing that we can't really "discipline" her anymore. She is not a child, not really fully grown, but legally she is responsible for herself and we can only offer encouragement, wisdom, experience, and advice (which isn't always welcomed).

I remember when I was this age (18.5). I knew everything. I was so much smarter than my parents. They had no clue what the real world was like. And then, one day, in fact, it was a few short hours after A was born, I realized I knew absolutely nothing, was scared to death and only wanted my mommy!!

Well, how the times have changed. You see, I am now the one who doesn't understand how things work. I don't have a clue how the real world works, and I don't know very much. And A thinks this too!!

Bean enjoyed her first full week of being 15. Her wonderful friends picked her up last night for a surprise luau. They had a wonderful time together. This week will greet her with Algebra I waiting in the wings. She needs to get through her lessons so that she can move onto Geometry.
She also authored her own blog this week. I won't be posting her blog here, however, for safety reasons.

Foo also began his hand at blogging this week. He is so excited about writing! Little do either of them know that this is my sneaky way of watching their writing skills develop. (always the homeschooling mom, you know.)

Fish enjoyed showing me his handstand that he can perform on the trampoline. Then we checked in on our tomatoes and herbs. We counted two tiny green tomatos, beautiful little babies! The basil and parsley are doing very well, however, the cilantro has seen better days. The oregano and thyme have not grow very much. I wonder if they aren't good choices for container gardening.

Baby Boo is sitting up so much better now. We still need to place pillows around him for when he topples over, but he is enjoying reaching out for his toys and practicing his new skill. At 8.5 months, he probably should be doing a bit more moving around, but for his size (over 22 lbs) I think he is right on track.

I've been working on planning our school year most of this week. I am refocusing my efforts toward The Latin Centered Curriculum. I have also been trying to plan our trip this fall to Florida. We have a family reunion planned and we can't wait to get there! I might be going a bit overboard, however, as evidence by my dreams last night. I was walking around in Orlando all the while translating signs into Latin...

A neat site I found for those of you interested in translating Latin - Harrius Potter I think Bean will be spending some time with that site.
It looks like fun!

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Cindy said...

OK I have to ask.. how in the world did you come up with the names Bean and Foo?

Inquiring minds want to know!