Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Question of the week

Ok, so I'm a few days late in posting this, I apologize.

One night I was listening to our local Christian Radio station, KSBJ, while a very interesting topic was being discussed.

The interviewer, and I am afraid I don't know who he was, asked this question and it has been swimming around in my head ever since.

How do we live our lives, as if we fear God, or fear man?

Since I've heard the term, "God-fearing" I must admit I have never really understood it. I mean, in my world, God is all-loving and all-knowing. To think that I must be AFRAID of Him baffled me.

But when I heard this question on the radio, I think I finally captured a glimpse of what is meant by "God-fearing".

Unfortunatley, as much as I think I love God and try to seek His will in my life, I am guilty of worrying more about what others think than what my God will think. At least at first. Which is often times why I need to go back and change my mind or my opinion about things. And being an impulsive type personality that says whatever comes to the tip of my tongue, I usually have some apologizing to do with that.

This is an area I am working on...still... probably forever. I need to think for sometime before acting, commenting, or even internally reacting to a given situation. I desire so much to fear God more than man. I desire to love Him above all things, but my humanity keeps me from meeting my goals more often than not.

The question then is this:

Whom do you fear more, God or man, honestly?

Also, this week, please keep Moneybags in your continued prayers. He has just made his decision regarding his call to the priesthood.


Jennie C. said...

Thank you for posting this. Fearing God is something I've always wondered about, too. Really, though, it's about who we are trying to please. I feel like a lightbulb is floating above my head.

Amy said...

I *say* I fear God, then live as if I fear man. I'm working on it! I am amazed every time God brings to my conscience actions of mine I'd never thought of as "man fearing" but really were. I wish I could think of them BEFORE I do them though, lol!

Wonderful post!