Sunday, July 16, 2006

Question of the Week

Since I'm in school planning and organization mode around here, I haven't much time to blog, at least not with any consistency right now, so I thought I'd select a question each week to ponder.

Feel free to comment publicly or email me privately. Or just read and reflect on your own.

My question this week is this.

What would you most like to be remembered for?

In reading St. Francis de Sales, he points out that after we die, it is not long before we are forgotten. Of course our children will remember us, probably our grandchildren, (who will only remember us as older folks), and if we are very blessed, maybe even a few great-grandchildren will we get to meet and they might remember us. But within about 50 years after our death, not many, if any, will recall who we are.

Obviously, living our lives for Christ, striving for holiness so that we can live with Him forever in Heaven is or should be the forefront of our lives. Does our life reflect this? If you were to die today, what would you most be remembered for?


MC said...

I do hope my family and friends would remember me as loving. In addition, I'd like to try to leave them and this world with more than memories.

What's more important to me than being remembered is being effectual. I hope that my words and actions could actually affect others. I will strive to practice and pass on strong values to my own children that will affect the way they approach their own lives, perceive others, and treat others as well.

I'd like to think that, generations from now, a small but significant "good practice" or Christ-like act of compassion that was passed on from my own actions might make someone else smile - then feel inspired to show compassion to another. That person, at that time, may not know it started with me, but at that point, I suppose it really wouldn't matter. As long as the act continued, that's as much as I could ever hope for :o)

Shushan said...

Good question!

I have no doubt my family will remember that I have tried to live a good and godly life. Jesus knows what my heart is and won't ever forget the good stuff. Will the rest of the world remember much about me? Hard to say. A few may remember my bigger moments of enthusaism, efforts at generosity, a listening ear, or my devotion to faith & family. At least I'd like to think they'd remember, even if they never mentioned it to others.

Always good to keep in mind that we could be held accountable at any time for how we live.

Susan :)

mira said...

While I don't think I would necessarily be remembered by any other than those around me now I strive to live my life to make a difference now and not for posterity. Three words that I try very hard to remember on a continual basis are: good, true, helpful. With those words I hope to make a difference in the now. If it has echoes or ripples into the future that is an unanticipated blessing.

K said...

I loved your last line... "If it has echoes or ripples into the future, that is an unaticipated blessing." Beautiful!

My hopes are that I can raise my children as God-fearing as possible, and hopefully, they can pass this onto their children, who will pass it on to theirs, etc. I pray that I can show love to all, which glorifies God.

Moneybags said...

Excellent question!

I want people to remember me as a humble person. I don't want to be praised and honor by generations after me, I just want them to admire the work that I've done for the Lord. In doing so, I hope they serve Our Lord for their entire lives.

No matter what vocation we chose, there is bound to be someone looking up to us. And, we should all try to let people see the Light of Christ shine through our actions.

Leonie said...

I don't know how I will be remembered - and its kind of a scary thought! I hope I will be remembered as being friendly....