Monday, July 10, 2006

A Pirate's Life

Our day as pirates started as any good day does, readying the mates for our voyage.

After collecting the crew and piling them into the Ship Suburban, we headed over the stormy seas to our dear Auntie's house. There we embibed ourselves with yummy bbq sandwiches and soda, not to mention brownies, popsicles, and other pleasantries.

After watching Pirates #1 to prime ourselves for the big show, we, all 11 of us, boarded ship again, and headed for the big island in the center of the big blue to view the newest chapter in Jack Sparrow's quirky life.

We were able to commandeer enough tickets to get us in at the last minute and we were even fortunate enough to get seats in a pretty good section of the theater.

The movie was better than I expected. I do not typically hold up high hopes for sequels, but this one did make the grade. It is rated PG-13, as it should be. There is no nudity, but the violence that is implied (nothing shown) and the scary factor on some of the characters, would make me really think about taking young children under 10 to see it. My children, guinea pigs for this event, did pretty well, but they have seen their fair share of movies which I would rather they have not seen. My four-year old, Fish, loves Star Wars, and though I thought it might be a bit to scary for him, he was actually more interested in going home after an hour. His attention span leaves room for improvement. He was not scared, did not have any scary dreams, but he lives for battle scenes. If he doesn't get to see them, he makes them up on his own.

Lem, my 8 year old, was a bit more in tuned to the scary parts, but enjoyed the movie nevertheless.

Our family really enjoyed the show. We give it an official F Troop 2 swords up!


Lillian said...

Too cute!! Did they wear their costumes to the movie?

karatebabe said...

i would like 2 comment that u did not mention the most important character (otherwise known as my future husband)-the one, the only: William Turner! (He's so mine, Bean!) And I can totally picture Bean in a pirate costume too! *Shudder* The rest of the family looked adorable though!

Shushan said...

Your crew was definitely ready for the bon voyage! lol

Glad to hear it held up tot hte original as I haven't had a chance to get out and see it yet. Cars was good too btw.

Susan :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent review, I agree wholeheartedly. My kids were a bit uncomfortable with the kissing, but unfazed by the fighting. (I hope this means they're well adjusted children who know fantasy/reality and can distinguish and not crazy maniacs that will grow up to raid other people's ships. ;) Time will tell?)

My three wore their PoC bandanas to the theater. Ds has a Jack Sparrow costume from Halloween last year, but didn't wear it.