Wednesday, June 21, 2006

So much to choose from

I have so many things that I could/should be doing at the moment, but alas, here I sit on my blog, churning ideas in my mind.

I was at my spinning class tonight and heard several women discussing how much time was left for summer vacation. One woman replied... "AN ETERNITY!" Everyone laughed. Everyone that is, except me.

I used to feel the way this woman does. Summer break was entirely too long. I could not handle being around my kids that long. Why couldn't we have year-round schooling??

Today, I look at summer-break as the time I spend relaxing with the kids, doing things we don't normally get to do (besides catching up on laundry) and planning our next school year. This year, I've also comitted to getting back into shape and studying Latin myself.

When this question came up tonight, my first thought was, "Only 6 weeks?!! Oh my goodness, I've got so little time left to play! I need to plan some FUN for the kids and I!" Yes, I even thought about running out of time for planning our next school year.

My goal for the next several weeks is to enjoy these dog days of summer. The 90 degree + heat by curling up with books, eating watermelon, and maybe even slipping in a nature walk in the early morning hours. The schedules can wait, but my children can not.

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Sarah said...

K, I really love this post. I find my daughter to be my 'reality check' on a lot of things, and turning the "common wisdom" on its head is one of them. Six weeks is a snap of the fingers. PLAY!!!!!