Thursday, June 22, 2006

Does anyone else

find Target's newest marketing campaign highly annoying if not offensive, but unfortunately true to life??

(Did anyone find that statement unbearable to read?)

Target is singing

"I want it, I need it" to which is answered "We got it!"

I find this so sad that our wants are now being recognized as our needs.

I suppose this has been the "theme" for our society for some time, but for Target to be so bold as to advertise with it?!

Do we really even know what our needs are anymore? Do I need new clothes? Do I need to get out and see a new movie or indulge in some supposed well-deserved mom-time out?

I think we have grown accustomed to having that which is necessary so easily attained that we now believe that our wants are actually needs.

Of course, having things is very nice. I enjoy most everything I have. I am very blessed and very grateful (usually), but I do feel much guilt over spending so much money on frivolous things when others go without true needs such as food, water, shelter, and basic clothing, not to mention medicines, jobs, and most importantly, love.

How do we balance our needs and wants? How do we recognize/trust that God will provide all that we need?

Do I have more than I need, and if so, how is it justified?

I certainly do not have answers to these ramblings, but I am interested in what others think.

Perhaps Multum non multa can apply to more than just our curriculum this year.


Barb, sfo said...

It is a dilemma we all have. I try (don't always succeed) to live by this:
1. Be grateful for what you have.
2. Use what you have to do GOOD.
3. Don't be greedy.

It's hard, in our "entitlement-minded" culture. Right now I'm trying to kick my Women's Magazine Habit, since they seriously contribute to my own tendency toward feeling like I "deserve" everything. WRONG!!! What I have is a blessing.

Moneybags said...


I'm still not really shopping at Target following their "Happy Holidays" instead of Christmas campaign.

For while the world continues to try to make us our own gods, we MUST return to Jesus Christ. We must if we wish to have eternal life. For Heaven is not easy, the path is full of sorrows, dissapointments, and such. But Jesus Christ was the Man of Sorrows. If we follow Him to the Cross then we shall find the royal road to the Resurrection.

Trust in Jesus Christ!!!

Christina Martin said...

I'm reading the poetry of John of the Cross right now, and it is continually correcting me on my tendency to get wrapped up in material (as well as nonmaterial but still worldly) things. I can't believe how frequently I need these reminders!

Amy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. It doesn't help that our family members constantly "tsk tsk" us for buying used or using something until it is *really* worn out - no, we must buy, Buy, BUY! Ugh. Bleh.