Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Three types of giving

A post at my dear friend, Cindy's blog, really touched me.

There are three types of giving in each day...




I love simple ideas that can help me throughout the day to live out my vocation. This is a very easy reflection that I can use during my nightly examination of conscience.

Was I able to give of myself today, even when I didn't feel like it?

Was I able to forgive even when it didn't seem that I should?

Was I able to give thanks for everything that came my way today, even the trials (and the Laundry)?

Very simple thoughts, but much to meditate upon.


~m2~ said...

oh, if i could be so bold as to suggest a book (first time poster here, too -- look at my boldness!) there is a lovely gem of a book called "The Quotidian Mysteries" by Kathleen Norris and she speaks of our acts of everyday, commonplace things as being acts of worship to God if offered up in prayer.

hard to do, but wonderful concept, eh?

(i like your blog - it is wonderful :)

K said...

Thanks, m2. I will look into the book! And I have frequented your blog many times! Thanks for stopping by mine, and feel free to chime in anytime!