Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wonderful Homily

Fr. Martin Fox posted his homily from today on his blog. THANK YOU FATHER, for encouraging the parents in your parish.

Sometimes it is very difficult having a little one in Mass who might be fussing or fidgety. Having the family together for this awesome time of prayer and reverence is a central point to living the Domestic Church in our homes.


Charlotte said...

Hi there! We found your blog through Fr. Martin's blog. I am from San Antonio and we still visit sometimes to see my parents. Can I ask where you go to Mass? We used to go to St. john Neumann's when Msgr. Silverman was alive, but since he passed we have avoided the whole issue by always returning home in time to go to our parish. Do you have any suggestions for a good, orthodox Mass and homilist? Thank you!
Oh, we are homeschoolers too!

K said...

Hi Charlotte,
Please contact me via email so I can answer you privately