Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lent in Review

Karen E had this post the other day, and it gave me something to think about all of this Holy Week. (thanks, Karen!)

Things definitely happened this Lenten season. Layers were peeled away and it was most assuredly painful quite often. But growing usually is. Discovery can also be quite uncomfortable, however, looking at where I am tonight, happy, at peace, and relishing the time that I have with my family and friends, I have to thank God for each and every bit of discomfort that He chose to bless me with.

I definitely did not follow through with ALL of my Lenten practices that I had planned to do, but I did follow through with many of them and learned that sometimes, the sacrifice for me is trying to conquer my eternal quest for control, or rather, relinquish it.

The thing I wanted most of all was for relationships to be reconciled. Most of them have been. There are still a few that I pray will work out in time, in God's time. For now, I will rest in the knowledge that He knows what is best for me, and He will direct me accordingly, as long as I am open to hear His voice.

I have the extra special blessing of having one of my goddaughters with me this week. It was an unexpected, but wonderful surprise and I will always cherish it! I hope little Miss Cutie enjoys her stay here! She and Em are best friends already.

I will post more pictures from our Easter together as soon as I can!


Tigpan said...

Thank you for your example this lenten season. As you said, things did not exactly go as planned, there is still so much to work on. But God moved, and worked in my life has He never has before.
Praying for you today!

Karen E. said...

What cuties! I'm glad that little post offered some food for thought. Ours was not the Lent I planned, but I know it was what God planned. ;-)