Friday, April 28, 2006

The latest Fishism

Fish: Mommy, I want to be a priest.

Mommy: Why, honey?

Fish: Because I do!!

Mommy: OK, sweetheart. That is wonderful!

Fish: But right now I have to go blow up Matthew's Transformer!

Mommy: OK... go right ahead...sigh


MC said...

You didn't get last night's -
Daddy (while cleaning up the floor area around Fish): Joseph, how much of this cake actually made it into your mouth?
Fish: I have no idea ...

Amy said...

LOL!! At least he'll be a fighting member of God's army. :)

K said...

LOL!! I missed that comment, but I have heard that "I have no idea" on many occasions. Usually right after I hear that, I ask myself, "why did you ask such a stupid question?" He just keeps me rolling all the time!

Alice said...

So funny! That's a good one!