Saturday, April 08, 2006

Holy Week

Palm Sunday begins the Holiest week of the year. As a looked out of my window today, I saw the oak in my yard which just a few short weeks ago was barren, dark, dreary. Today it is full of life. Beautiful bright green leaves that shine in the sunlight.

I couldn't help but think of our souls as they journey through lent. Dark, barren, all the while, preparing to emerge with new life with Christ on Easter morning.

Take time this week, of all weeks, to read the liturgical scriptures each day. You can find them here.

Spend quiet time with our Lord. He is calling each of us to Him. We have spent our 40 days in the desert and we are approaching the time of great triumph. Christ's triumph over sin, God's unfathomable love for us demonstrated through the sacrifice of His son.

And also consider beginning the novena to the Divine Mercy. It begins on Good Friday and will continue until Divine Mercy Sunday which is the Sunday after Easter.

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