Monday, April 24, 2006

Accidental Nature Study

This weekend afforded us the opportunity to walk to our local pond where we have done nature study for years. We have not been in quite some time and were so excited to see the duck eggs.

Dad and kids enjoyed the fishing; mom enjoyed watching Hannah, the dog, chase the ducks. She doesn't ever catch them, instead is thrilled to watch them scatter into the pond.

On Sunday, Foo spied a moth who had just hatched from its cocoon.

We are not quite sure what this critter is, but we will be searching Enature for the answer...


Alice said...

These are great nature photos (not to mention lovely family pictures!) It always amazes me to see eggs of any sort in nests right on the ground. I can't help thinking about the many preditors who would love a good duck egg!

Thank you for sharing!

K said...

We are going to take a quick walk today to be sure the eggs are still there. They were out in the open, too close to humans, I'm afraid. There is no telling what those who don't appreciate nature might do with them.