Sunday, March 19, 2006

Update for the Godparents and others who love me!

Look! I can grab my toes! I did this on my 5th month birthday!

Yesterday, I took my first few bites of rice cereal and seemed to like it pretty well.

And today I thought it might be fun to have mom turn around and see me doing this!

Of course the first thing mom did after she screamed was to grab to ol' camera, take the shot, and then move me to the floor where I might be in more danger from my brother, Joefish.

Sleeping has been better. I put myself to sleep a few times now, and if mom can be strong and let me cry for a few minutes, I'd probably do it even more often. Moms are so silly sometimes.

I really had a good laugh last night when daddy and Joefish were playing the game Trouble. Each time Joefish popped the popper, I laughed uncontrollably! Then I thought I'd lose my diaper when he said the funniest word I ever heard! He said... SIX!!! Isn't that funny!!

I also turned over from my tummy to my back. I don't know what all the excitement is about. I really just wanted to see the Veggie Tales better, but the tall people just stood over me (and in my way) clapping and smiling like I had brought peace to the world. Geesh... can we get a life people??

I enjoyed my first St. Patrick's day. Mom made me wear green and pointed out the red highlights in my hair as well as my fair skin and blue eyes. She has a complex about all of us kids looking like daddy and not her. We love her anyway.

All in all it's been a good week for me. Stay tuned, who knows what is next!


Daddy said...

Thats my boy.......Daddy

Essy said...

Your children are so beautiful! I love this age too...the world is filled with such wonder for them...even toes are exciting...LOL. Enjoy!