Friday, March 10, 2006

Reflections for the week

I noticed a few things around here, this first week of Lent. Several have decided to sacrifice the tv watching. I know, bad homeschooler, we watch tv!! LOL It has always been one of those "things" that irritate me, but I have really never been able to get dh on board with throwing the thing out the window, so we indulge, sometimes too much.

Anyhoo, Matthew and Emma decided they wanted to give tv up for Lent. I decided that I would help them out and give tv up as well, figuring we'd play games or cards or read while dad was watching the tube.

Well, as it turns out, my wonderful dh, has made it a point to not turn the tv on while the kids are awake because it is too tempting to have a glance at it. Now Brianna and Joseph have not given it up, but they have also not turned it on too often because no one can be in the room with them when it is on!

Some wonderful side effects that I witnessed this week as a result of this sacrifice...
1. The games are out of the game cabinet and not collecting dust.

2. Matthew narrating a wonderful account of Pearl Harbor, SPONTANEOUSLY to his father after completing his history book this week. Then he downloaded a printable book from Enchanted Learning on Japan and completed it, all without my prompting!

3. Legos on every square inch of the floor as the boys have been creating space ships that I think might just fly!

4. Laundry that is folded and put away!

I love Friday nights because it is our family night and we typically get a couple of 5.00 pizzas at Randall's, some Rootbeer, and watch Star Gate and Star Gate Atlantis. We are completely hooked on these shows. But now, during Lent, we will be attending Stations of the Cross, playing games, and spending real time with one another.

Who would have thought that sacrificing would feel so good?

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