Friday, March 31, 2006

More on MROL

Barb asked to continue the discussion on MROL, so I'll share a bit about what is going on here. As I mentioned yesterday, I have had the wonderful epiphany that I somehow missed the other times I have read this book, that I need to be carrying out my vocation, that which God has called me to, in service to HIM. Not too make me happy, not to bolster my ego when friends stop by and notice how wonderful my house looks, etc. I do what I am called to do out of Love. Pure and Simple. Well, pure, but not so simple, at least for me. I complicate everything!

Today, I was continuing my reading of Devout Life and relished these passages in the First Part of the Introduction where St. Francis discusses how our sinfulness keeps us from God. Also about how we must purge ourselves of sin and how our devotion to Him will overcome our sinfulness as long as we never, ever quit trying. Here are the awe inspiring passages I read today...

"We must not be disturbed by our imperfections, since for us perfection consists in fighting against them. "
This statement gave me so much peace because I am very guilty of letting my imperfections weigh me down. Hearing that the battle against them is bringing me into a deeper devotion to Him is very reassuring.

"Our victory does not consist in being unconscious of them but in not consenting to them, and not to consent to them is to be displeased with them."
This passage was a revelation to me. I have always struggled with trying to get RID of my sinful nature. This tells me that it will never go away, but my ability to control it will become stronger with practice. Wow!

"Therefore it remains that we should not lose courage." This is one thing that I believe prevents me from stepping out into faith. My lack of courage.

"Fortunately for us, in this war we are always victorious provided we are willing to fight." I am determined to never give up. I will continue the fight for the Love of Him.

Another happening today. I sat with my children at lunch after thinking about our schedule. It seems to be working fairly well, but there are a few gliches in it that are pretty glaring. Instead of my typical "take it all on myself", I felt called to ask for their input. Imagine that. Ask the others who are in this fight with me what their thoughts are... hmmmm

They made their suggestions, then I allowed them to make some decisions between a few of their suggestions and agreed that we would try it that way. They looked at me in complete amazement... Kind of the way I look at them when they pick up their laundry for some unexpected reason!

I need to find a way to explain this whole "rule" idea to them. We have studied about St. Benedict and other rules, but I need to find a way to apply it to them. I have started discussing the idea of doing what we must do because we are called by Him to do so. And that we decide to do it because we love Him. I think they have a better handle on it than I do.

Feel free to post any comments, suggestions, or struggles that you are dealing with. I am so enjoying this journey right now!


Barb, sfo said...

I think the biggest thing for me is that there are some things that I want to do, but it conflicts with times that others NEED to do somthing. Well, smack me over the head with a 2X4--most of these WANTS can be rescheduled. The NEEDS pretty much can't. So I am going to work on my Rule this w/e with that in mind.
The other thing I am trying to keep in mind is my own energy level at certain times of day. I am most efficient & productive in the morning so there are certain things that I should try to accomplish then, because they'll take me half the time than if I postpone them until 4 PM.

Essy said...

My struggle is getting started...I run out of steam real quickly and tend to get overwhelmed by it all.

I think Barb's suggestion of using your most energetic time efficiently is a good one.

Moneybags said...

Hi, K.

Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of John Paul's death, and I was hoping you would visit a recent post on Pope John Paul on my blog, Part IV in my series. I would really like for you to leave your memories of John Paul there so that I can have a collection of other peoples' memories of him.

I miss him but know he indeed "blesses us from the House of his Father."

God Bless