Monday, March 13, 2006


I have been fortunate enough to have been given a copy of this month's Magnificat for my lenten daily readings.

Each day, I try to spend some time, before the day gets so busy and my mind wanders to the various tasks at hand, with the Lord. I find it so amazing that His ministry and particularly the gospels, are all still applicable to us in today's world. I should not be surprised as God's plan has been in existence for all time which I am sure included the current time we are living in. But still, I am amazed.

Today's gospel speaks right to my heart. It is talking about Christian love and how we should demonstrate it in our daily lives. I am finding that I am harshest on myself. My confessor tells me that I really need to "give myself a break!" I do admit that I am too hard on myself, but I struggle with how to overcome this. It becomes a vicious cycle for me because I am so terrible at this that I beat myself up for not being able to stop beating myself up. This is a perfect example of when I should be turning to Christ. For only He can save me from myself. Only He can help me to see that I am human, I will fall, and I can accept His forgiveness.

I remember as a teen, going through some rough times, and having a very dear lady ask me one question. She asked, "Do you believe that God forgives you for your sins?" "Of course", I answered. Her next line sent me straight to my knees. She said, "Then you must feel you are greater than God, because you do not forgive yourself. If God can forgive you, then why can't you forgive yourself. Do you have more power than He?"

That was one of the most profound statements I think I had ever heard. I think of it often and I have shared it with others who struggle with this same problem.

During the Lenten season, I hope to finally accept my humanness, my sinfulness, and God's forgiveness. I pray that I can also live the Gospel love that Luke speaks about in today's message.

The intercessory prayer in Magnificat today was very helpful to me

Yours, O Lord, are compassion and forgiveness!

You came to save sinners:
-we have sinned in your sight

You reconcile us to the Father
- we stand in need of reconcilliation

You bring us to everlasting life:
- we call to you from our sinfulness.

God the Father of mercies, you sent your Son to save sinners. Grant us wisdom and courage to know our sinfulness, and humility to beg your forgiveness, through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

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