Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The infamous "House"

This is the house that sits directly behind me. I look at it constantly as my windows all look upon it. Where we live has very strict covenants about many things, including the color which you paint your home. If you veer at all from the original color, which should be "nature-oriented", you must have approval from the local governing body. I guarantee you that this house did not go through the proper channels, so I get the pleasure of viewing a not-so-pretty shade of yellow-green all day. It almost blends with the pine pollen that is making my allergies act up right now...

Update: Apparently several neighbors are a bit aghast at the color of this home and have reported it to the "authorities". We'll probably see a new paint job in the next few weeks!


Cindy said...

Hey.. THAT'S MY HOUSE!! Who said you could put it on the Internet??!!


Jennie C. said...

That house looks just like military housing. Yuck.