Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I love my husband

Really, I do. I just want to have him move into the garage. I mean, it's only fair, right? No, I don't really want him to move into the garage, just sleep there.

Poor thing. He has been coughing for over a week now. I asked him this weekend if he thought he should go to the doctor. What do you think he said? Well, he is man remember and men don't go to the doctor. Nope, they cough all night and keep you awake so that you'll get sick and go to the doctor. uuuggghhh...

The best part of the day is when the kids are finally asleep and we have some time together to do neat things (like the budget) together. Nothing warms my heart more that to see him falling asleep on top of his laptop while I am talking to him. You see, he took some medicine to help him sleep and stop his cough. Well, he slept alright. Straight through the coughing. Baby and I, well we enjoyed watching the sun rise together.

I love you, honey. Really I do. Maybe I'll go sleep in the garage.

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