Friday, March 17, 2006

Erin Go Bragh!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

For a history of St. Patty's visit here

Our wonderful new bishop has issued a dispensation for those who would like to indulge in a bit o' corned beef today. For those who intend to accept the dispensation, please be sure to abstain from meat tomorrow, as indicated by Bishop DiNardo.

My 1/2 irish children are completely aghast when I mention the other side of their heritage. I guess those Filipino genes are so strong even they have a heard time seeing it!

Here is a portion of an article from the Chronicle...

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Patrick T. Sharkey, with typical Irish blarney, says he's been saved from damnation this St. Patrick's Day.

And just as importantly, the big St. Patrick's Day brunch of corned beef and cabbage can go on as planned, now that half-Irish Archbishop Daniel N.DiNardo has given area Catholics a special dispensation to eat meat on this Lenten Friday.

"We had counted on the archbishop's good blessings and dispensation," said Sharkey, who added that a lot of folks "would have trouble" eating the corned beef without the dispensation.

"I'm glad I've been saved from eternal damnation," said Sharkey, president of the Irish Society of Houston.

DiNardo is among dozens of bishops around the country granting one-day dispensations from rules that prohibit Roman Catholics from eating meat on Fridays during the penitential season of Lent.

But he's asking Catholics to abstain from meat either today or Saturday in lieu of Friday.

Many bishops offered the same deal the last time St. Patrick's Day fell on a Friday during Lent — in 2000.

The Archdiocese of New York has always extended a dispensation when the calendar lined up because St. Patrick is the patron saint of the archdiocese, spokesman Joseph Zwilling said.

John Flowers of Houston's Kenneally Irish Pub says about 90 percent of his St. Patrick's Day clientele are Catholic, but he doesn't expect to sell any more meat pizzas. A lot of his customers "forget" it is Friday during Lent, he said.

Still, he is grateful the new archbishop is allowing the meat dispensation.

"I think even the Catholics who give up alcohol for Lent should have a dispensation for St. Patrick's Day," said the pub owner, a lifelong Catholic.

Even though she was born in Ireland, Sister Marie Clancy of Mater Christi Convent said she never ate corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day and doesn't intend to this year despite the dispensation.

"I'll be at work. I'll eat whatever they're serving," said Sister Clancy, who works with a literacy program.

However, she said she just returned from a visit to Ireland, where she "had a great bit of corned beef and cabbage. Not for St. Patrick's — just for a great meal."

I think the kids and I will make some Irish Soda Bread (thanks, Danielle Bean for the recipe!)

Enjoy the day, no matter what your heritage! You are officially Irish today... yes, even you Deo!!

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Fidei Defensor said...

Erin Go Bragh indeeed! Though a bit late for me to be commentating.

Some great Irish music comes out of their rebellions with England,

"I was born on a Dublin Street where the Loyalist drums did beat and those steel clad English feet they marched all over us!"

I hope Ireland again returns to the status it once occupied, sending Priests to the world. Last year they didn't have a single ordination!

Ps-Ill add you to my blogroll post Lent!