Wednesday, March 08, 2006

a day with Joseph

And what a day it has been. We are working through some real "issues". That being his very strong will and disobedience and my fatigue and discouragement after listening to Mother's Rule of Life by Kimberly Hahn. I am wondering if I am really cut out for this mothering business. Perhaps I missed my calling to the religious life? Is it too late to apply?

After several trips to his room, a firm, but loving talk, and an old fashioned spank to the hindquarters, I told Joseph he would be having to talk with his daddy tonight about his behavior. Upon hearing this he informed me that he would be calling 911. (That used to scare me when the now 18 year old used to say it, now I welcome it... please take me away! I need a break!)
After stifling my giggle, I inquired as to why he would be calling the authorities. He replied "because you are so mean!" After which he promptly picked up the calculator and proceded to dial. No one was there. Pity. I was looking forward to having my meals cooked for me and having to keep only a 8 X 12 foot room clean. I could handle that!


Cajun Cay said...

Guess there are more than one way to get into a *cell*, huh?


I'm interested to hear more about Kimberly Hahn's *Rule of Life*. I was interested in getting it.

Could you (perhaps---if and when you have time) do a review of it? Then I could decide if it's worth getting.

K said...

I will be happy to do a review of it. I would love to purchase it because it is one of those things I'd really like to linger with awhile. I am only renting it right now from the Catholic Book Store.

Tigpan said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
and you guys continue to tell me that I will one day want one of these! :)
No seriously...I love Joseph...truthfully his antics keep me smiling on days that I really just want to sit down and have a good cry!
Love you