Sunday, March 12, 2006

Am I ruining my children?

This week while we were at Kid Potential, Emma's lesson consisted of giving the definition of certain words.

The trainer brought up the word "fast"

Emma's definition... the good Catholic girl that she is... "when you don't eat but pray a lot"

The trainer looked at me, er, should I say, glared at me. Inside I was screamingly proud of Little Em, but on the outside, I just smiled and said, "it's Lent and we're Catholic."

The trainer then proceded to give the "correct" definition of fast.


Dirt Runner said...

It's a rite of passage to ruin our children. It's passed on from generation to generation.

Amy said...

My professor, Dr. Phillip Mango says "you're a good mom if at the end of the day you haven't killed your children." I think you're in the clear.

Mom R said...

I am proud of Em also. I really think that she has the right definition of the word fast. GO EM, GO.