Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A new day dawns

As I woke to feed the baby at 4:30 this morning, I thanked God for the gentle reminder to get up and get moving.

I returned to the Y for the first time since last March. Almost a year now. That is probably the last time I spent any real time in quiet prayer as well.

I usually work out for about an hour then return home to some dark, quiet time spent with the Lord. Boy, do I miss that.

Fast forward to today. I went for the work out, headed back home for a quick shower, then spent some time snuggling the baby, nursing him back to sleep. Then I retreated downstairs to break open the Word and found this responsorial psalm today...

"Throw your cares on the Lord and He will support you."

I just love how God gives me just what I need when I need it.

My main focus right now is to keep Christ in each moment of each day as much as possible. I want to feel Him when I am praying, but I also want to feel Him when I am doing the laundry, directing the children, cleaning bathrooms, etc. If motherhood and married life is truly my vocation, then I need to make each moment a prayer to Him. I need to offer my best to Him. Always.

I will throw my cares onto the Lord and I will allow Him to provide for my needs.


Dirt Runner said...

congrats on returning to the Y. Is this the start of ultra training?

K said...

I do have a dream... by 42, Black belt and running a marathon... don't know if I'll ever make an ultra, but, hey, if an 80 year old granny can make the college swim team, than anythings possible!