Wednesday, February 15, 2006


It is becoming more and more real to me that each day that I spend with my children, I am creating memories. I have heard this "notion" for years now, but not until recently did this thought truly click for me.

I am now wondering WHAT kind of memories am I making? WHAT kind do I want to make, and HOW can I be sure that I leave the children with happy, loving memories of their childhood.

The reason this became so apparent to me is simple. My son. Matthew. Brilliant at the age of 10. Actually, he's been brilliant for years...

I was talking with a new neighbor about homeschooling. She is very curious about it and interested in trying it for her family. I attempted to share with her what a typical day is like in our home. I thought I was being very honest and upfront about what a day is REALLY like. Baby crying, phone ringing, teens with "emergencies" (got to get to the mall to get the newest mascara for an outing next weekend... RIGHT NOW!!!)
I shared with her that I rarely get everything done on my "list" and my "list" rarely even gets made anymore, only because I haven't the time to scratch one out. I shared with her that I school when I can, that life goes on within the home and that one should not try to bring school home, but always remember that our "school" is a HOME first. I told her I loved homeschooling and prayed that I would never have to send my kids to school.
That's when Matthew pops into the conversation with this... "you don't seem like you like it"...

Need I say more?

So, here I sit. Wondering why I am so frustrated with myself for the last few months, when all I really needed to do was sit with my son and ask him. Like I said, he is brilliant.

I will be spending some time this weekend deciding exactly how I am going to re-prioritize my life, my daily life, so that my son and his siblings know that beyond a shadow of a doubt, I WANT to be with them. I WANT to homeschool them. I WANT to make GREAT memories for them as well as for myself.

I will most probably need to cut things out of my life. I will definately need to lower my standards around the house. As I get back into the joy of homeschooling, these things can be added back in if needed.

Timing is everything. God's timing is perfect. I am just finishing up Mother's Rule of Life for the second time. I guess it's about time to start implementing it.

1. Prayer
2. Person
3. Partner
4. Parent
5. Provider

Starting with #1...


Cindy said...

Hi K-

Just got off the phone with you, and here is the comment on your blog I promised. :)

I think you are coming right to the essense of what life is about with homeschooling, with our kids.

It is about being real- deciding what is real and how to really live this life for the moment. Let God guide us, not outside voices. Cut out the outside influences that rob us of our time.

Enjoy all that life offers us but when things are out of whack, re-assess.

I have found lately that I am living with an agenda for my boys. No matter how relaxed I get with the homeschooling, I have this plan in my head that I think we have to acheive. How can I let God guide them into who he wants if I try to keep making them into what I think they should be? I find many of the outside distractions (or inside the house distractions-- lists, etc) are my attempt to create who they should be instead of nurturing who they are.

Long comment, eh? lol

Your post is good.. makes us think.

K said...

And as usual, you always give me great food for thought!