Friday, February 24, 2006

End of week summary

Today, Em went to Kid Potential and had another great session. She is doing so well. It is amazing to see the transformation in her skills. She should be starting the Master the Code materials very soon. It is such a thrill to go from the board/picture books to actual beginner chapter books! She is so excited. Her handwriting has improved as has her attempts to write.

This week I caught her putting something in the trash. I saw her look at me with those sweet brown eyes and then walk away from the trash. I couldn't resist going to see what she had thrown away. It was a little "poem" of sorts. I pulled it from the trash only to be kept in my secret stash of drawings, "mommy, i love you" notes, and the like.

i can by Emma

i can
Do enetheg (anything)
if i put my
hert to it
if i tire (try)

It is so sweet to see her positive outlook on life. It also is a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse into how she hears words and then spells them phonetically. The hearing of the words is coming along. The odd "sound" of the words is most probably caused by fluid on the ear when she was in the language development stage. At the time we unknowingly had mold in our home and she was sick quite often.
The trainers at Kid Potential are very encouraged by her rapid progress, as are we here at home.

One thing this wonderful child of God has learned... perseverance!


Cajun Cay said...

This is beautiful.
And what a lovely child she is. : )

K said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cay.

It's nice to see you!