Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Reconcilliation Day

Today my sweet little Em' will make her First Reconcilliation. She is so sweet and so small, how could she possibly have anything to confess? She is the most obedient child I have ever known, with the exception of M who is just as obedient. Yet, she is fretting so about what to do, what to say, what will happen.

Our school day will consist of copywork, playing a geography game, and then reviewing what to do during confession. I'll have M play the part of the priest. He went to confession last week and swears he wants to go every week now. So does B!

All of these years I have worried if I have been doing enough to pass on the faith, then I discover that God is really the one doing all of the work. I just help Him. And I don't do it very well, but I keep trying. I try by being a living example. Some days better than others, but always trying.

I remember my first confession. It was with Father Shea in Holyoke Mass at Sacred Heart Parish. I was a nervous wreck. I was sure I was going to Hell, but he made me feel so comfortable. My confession was face to face. It was 1972 or so with Vatican II changes all around. I remember sitting at a table, nervous as could be and Father Shea holding my hand as we "talked". I don't recall what I said, or what he said for that matter, but I left my 1st confession feeling wonderful and knowing God loved me.

I wonder what happened to that wonderful priest? He knew me by name! He would make a point of giving me a big hug after each Mass, whenever Mom and Dad took us... that's another story for another day.

Please keep Em' in your thoughts today as she receives her 2nd sacrament in the Church.

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Dirt Runner said...

You're right, what could she possibly have to confess?