Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I have an owie...

Actually, I have a few of them. I drug myself onto the TKD mat last night and resumed my status as an eternal white belt. The last time I was on the floor was almost a year ago. Unfortunately, pregnancy and TKD don't mix well. Honestly, my pregnancies only mix well with sleep, eating, and throwing up.

So the hips are a bit sore today. As are the knees, the feet, and the hind quarters. Ahhh, the joys of being 40 and a new mom. But that won't stop me from being "super Mom" able to leap mounds of laundry in a few bounds, able to climb the stairs multiple times screaming, ARE YOU COMING DOWN FOR LUNCH??!!!

The scariest part of last night... seeing myself in those horrible mirrors wondering... whose butt is that exactly?? Oh, mine? YIKES!

At least the kids look good!


Cindy said...

Are those really your kids? They look like professionals!! Awesome!

Mom R said...

J. looks so intense in this picture. He's growing up Mom!