Saturday, December 03, 2005

We made it!

Here we are in the lovely town of San Antonio. We arrived around midnight and checked in to our room.

We thought we were getting a queen size bed, wanted a king, but hey, we'll take what we can get...

The oh so cheerful front desk clerk hands us the key to our room which has two double beds... EXCUSE ME??? Did I mention that this was our first get away in FIVE years?????

About 1 am, we try to turn the tv on, but to no avail. We get static with no volume contol and it is stuck on LOUD!

About 1:20, maintenance shows up to tell us after fiddling with the tv that it is broken... uuummmmm ok.... glad we have the expert opinion on that one!

Lights out. In seperate beds. If this wasn't my life... I'd be laughing hysterically!

Baby and I slept great. Heck, we had tons of room in our own bed! I am sure Mark slept well too!

I plan to head to the Missions today and check them out while he is in his conference. It's a bit overcast today, but all in all, looks pleasant. Maybe by the time we get back, our tv will be working!

PS I say most of this tongue in cheek. I am elated to be away for a bit, just to have some time to relax...

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