Friday, December 02, 2005

Off for the weekend, I think

My wonderful husband and I haven't been away in well over 5 years together. You might ask why, until you meet my 5th child, Joe-fish. Then you'd understand...

This little guy is all personality mixed in with a healthy dose of "creative explorative" qualities as well as some health issues that make me a bit protective of him... need I say more? Ok, you twisted my arm.

Before his 1st birthday:

Our wonderful pediatrician discovered a hole in his heart which was miraculously healed. A miracle it was indeed! Thank you Rosa Mystica!

He then developed a seizure disorder which it appears he may have finally outgrown.

By his second birthday he had the experience of TWO ambulance rides! The first was for his first seizure, the second was for the 2nd and 3rd degree burns he received on his chest when he reached up and pulled down a cup of hot tea onto himself. After driving him to the ER on my own, the doctors decided he needed to go by ambulance to Texas Children's Hospital for a possible round of plastic surgery for the extensive burns he received on his chest. Again, another miracle. When the doctors removed his bandages the next morning, his burns were merely 1st and 2nd degree. Everyone was shocked. We again were shown the power of prayer and Our Lady's special blessing on this child. His new skin grew in quickly and for the longest time, it looked as though he had an angel on his chest.

This is the year he ate glass as well... don't ask... he was fine.

He gets into anything and everything. If you say no, it's an automatic yes in his mind. If you say he's too little, he'll prove you wrong.

Don't misunderstand me here, he is the sweetest little guy you'll ever meet. He's very smart, very caring, and very loving. But he is opinionated, strong-willed, and goal directed!

Back to my weekend away. Mark and I have been battling sickness all week ourselves. He a cold, mastitis for me. As if that does not bring enough joy to our world, we wake this morning to our sweet little fish man having a 101 degree fever... UUUGGGHHH.... This is one of those, "I'm gonna ask God about this someday" moments.

So the whole day I try to discern whether or not I should go. Mark has to go, he is attending a professional conference. Fees are paid and will not be refunded. My dilema is whether or not I should stay home and take care of him, which really just entails dolling out fever reducing medication every 4 hours and wiping his nose from time to time along with cuddling up with him when he looks so pitiful. Or should I take the chance that his uncle can handle the task, take the baby, and hit the road?

By 5 pm, we decide that Fish is ok enough for me to go... Now the real challenge... telling a woman that she has to pack for the weekend away not just for herself, but for a 6 week old baby in a record 45 mins!! An impossible task you might say, but I did it!

Pray for us to make it to SA without forgetting something very important... like the Baby!

I'll check in later!

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