Thursday, November 17, 2005


Ok, pet peeve. I despise the medical BILLING industry. I have worked in the field myself for 15 years, but I can not stand the way these places do business!

My son is one month today. Guess what I get a bill for? His hospital stay. The hospital is billing me for 682.67 for his room and board. This would be fine with me, except the insurance doesn't pay for the infant's stay as it is included in the mother's charges. Oh, and did I mention that the hospital doesn't even provide a nursery for the baby? That's right! The baby rooms with the mom! So, what exactly am I supposed to be paying for? The breast milk that I feed my child from my breast? The space that he took while sleeping next to me in my twin size plastic bed? Maybe there is a fee for the air which he breathed in while in the hospital??

Another example of stupidity. Another few hours on the phone with various people who can't help me and don't care...

I swear... If I ran the world.... LOL

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Anonymous said...

There are alot of stuff the hospitals and other offices that bill the insurance cos. and hope that no one pays attention. That's one of the reasons that medical bills are so high, if we don't catch it and complain (you know the old squeeky wheel)and keep complaining they will continue to do these kind of things.