Sunday, November 13, 2005

Back to Reality

Well, the time has come to get crackalackin'!! Baby B is 4 weeks old tomorrow, so I need to get the other children back to their full schedule of school work. They have actually become quite bored with things around here, so I think that they will embrace the change of pace.

I have changed a few things on their schedules, nothing major, but more of a shift in focus. Back to the Shakespeare, writing, and read alouds, as well as our faith formation. I seemed to have let the boring "table work" invade the house. I miss cuddling up with the kids and reading to them. Hopefully Baby B and J will cooperate enough to let me get some reading in.

I have had some time to organize a few things around the house. It seems I am always trying to organize something... I guess that is the control freak side of me. Hopefully the cabinets and binders will stay somewhat organzied for a little while.

The kids always LOVE me when I revamp the chore chart... LOL!!! But I've done that too. I decided to make a "chore wheel." Now they can alternate chores once a week. We'll see how that works. I have added the aspect of Room Patrol to the chore wheel. For instance, whomever is in charge of emptying the dishwasher is also in charge of doing the room patrol for the kitchen. They need to make sure the surfaces are all clean, the floor is swept, and the garbage in emptied, BEFORE they have their free time in the afternoon. We'll see how this goes...

Now if we could just get the weather to feel more fall like. Thanksgiving is next week and I just can't get into the cranberry, pumpkin pie making mood when it is over 85 degrees!!!

Baby B is going to be baptized next weekend. I need to spend some time this week preparing certain items. It looks like we'll have about 80 people showing up for this "little" get together!

Thankfully, my wonderful extended family is helping out with food! I love those guys!!

J drew a picture of the Alchemist from "Leggo my Ego" (the Veggie Tales Larry Boy cartoon). I thought he did a great job!!

The other picture is of Baby B's feet. They are so precious.


Dirt Runner said...

Did you say "crackalackin"? Now I know where my Snoop Dog CD went too. Now about the chore wheel. Can I buy a vowel or can I just solve the puzzle?

Dirt Runner said...

FYI. "Back to Reality" is part of the lyrics from a Eminem song.

K said...

Well, now you know my secret!! LOL I am a closet Snoop and Eminem fan! NOT!!!

Cindy said...

What sweet toes... little popcicle toes! Enjoy that precious bundle.