Thursday, October 27, 2005

Baby B is Here!

Oct 17 our littlest troop member entered the world. At 10:43 am, we welcomed 9 lb 21.25" Brendan into the family!

He is gorgeous, as you can see. I will try to post some more soon, but right now, just wanting to get this up and running.



Anonymous said...

Hey Karen and all took a look at your blog. I appriceiate the things you left out of it. Some might find it upsetting to see their brother lose it when their mom was given her last rights. I'm not ashamed of what happened nor do I regret anything other than not being there when mom did pass. Probably for the best. She knows how much we loved her. All of us.
Now is the time to rejoice in the welcoming of F-Troops newest recruit. Pvt Brendan Daniel Felicidario Reprting (a little late but well worth it)

Mom R said...

They say that God calls one home and then sends another angel to replace them. Ihave to thank God that He put you(us) in charge of a beautiful baby boy to raise as you have done such a good job with all of your other beautiful children.