Friday, January 07, 2005

Excercise, the necessary evil!

Well, I've been good this week at getting up and getting out the door to ride that darn bike. I was not very consistent for the past couple of months, so it feels good to actually get back to business.
Obviously, I am not a morning person, so waking up at 4:30 or 5:00 am is not in my blood. In fact, I downright despise it. At least for the ten minutes after I exit those warm bedcovers. But once I'm dressed and resolved to go, I must admit, I love that time of day! It is dark and quiet, something I don't get much of around here. The one problem I am encountering when I try to sneak out the door it my sweet dog Hannah! She starts crying from the minute I descend the stairs until I leave the house. She thinks that this time should be her walking time! She gets very excited and starts crying and howling and refuses to understand that this is MY time. Once I am out the door, it is back to the dark and quiet and this morning, COLD! I drive to the Y with no music, no talking, no screaming kids, etc... Once I get to the Y, everyone there is in the same mindset. No talking, just working out. You might get the occasional nod from a familiar face, but there is not much speaking going on. Probably an unwritten rule that is in effect. I really enjoy the solitude, which I never would have believed as I seem to thrive on the great social experience!
Upon returning home, I relish a few quite moments to reflect on a spiritual reading, pray, drink my decaf (gotta love that cinnamon/vanilla coffemate cream!) and just listen to the quiet. This morning I actually went back to bed after awhile since the kids were still snoozing. It felt so good to snuggle back into those covers.
Soon enough my reality awakes ready for some breakfast and his Thomas the Tank DVD.

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Anonymous said...

hiya mommy,
your blog should have more, 'bam'! I already know your life so... I know EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol anyways... i will send you my thinggy mabober later... BYE